Young people are the key force in Ekvalis. Ekvalis constitues of large volunteering group of more than 50 active volunteers who engage hundreds of other peers in the organisation activities. The young people that participate in Ekvalis activities come from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, gender, ethnicities, regions and fields of interest. Through the work with young people Ekvalis strives to: 

  • Increase the interest and knowledge of young people on current major social and political events that directly affect them
  • Empower young people to take leading roles in the orgnanisational activities that include recruiting peers in initiatives that respond to the on-going social and political events in the country
  • Express concerns, dissatisfaction, appreciation through youth-led initiatives for the development of the democratic values in the country through creative, critic and provocative activities
  • Create young role-models and youth activists in the organization and beyond in the society that will serve as inspiration for other young people to take action

In December 2019, through the support of the European Endowment for Democracy Ekvalis opened the first own youth space that empowers stronger youth activism sense among young people and it is a space that facilities youth assembling and youth cohesion. The Ekvalis youth space is youth driven meaning that all activities taking place in this space are designed and implemented by young people with the support of three experienced youth workers. Ekvalis youth space host several types of events:

  • Social program for youth networking and cohesions: game nights, cooking, movie nights and non-formal gatherings
  • Conceptual events “Conversations with An Activist“- conversation about youth activism with young people from non-formal youth advocacy groups, protest movements, youth activists and volunteers
  • Public awarness raising events: feminist poetry, exhibitions and drama 
  • Non-formal education opportunities in one of the three areas that Ekvalis works on
  • Youth activism guerilla actions and activist choir rehearsals
Ekvalis youth space is open for free of charge use to NGOs in development (younger than 2 years of existance) and non-formal group of youth activists who identify with the same values and work in the simmilar strategi areas as Ekvalis. 



The Ekvalis Youth Choir is one of the initiative’s most highly visible projects. This high-school student choir is all about having fun, about allowing young people to interact with each other and with students from different schools and backgrounds, and about providing valuable socialising opportunities for students who may have few such opportunities at home or in their schools. While the choir is managed by a professional choir master, it is not professional. The focus is more on the process of producing the material and the synergies and energy that accompany this process. The choir also has a social activist objective. It performs in public places to sing socially engaged songs that are noticed by those in power. Recently, the choir sang Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ outside the Ministry of Education, a protest against the country’s much maligned educational system.

“Ekvalis is like my second home. Besides I am being educated on topics that young people rarelly talk about, here I am not afraid to be myself. Thanks to Ekvalis I do not have limited viewpoints. “
Marko Veljanovski