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THISAbility Club

Ekvalis operates with activities that support the educational development of communities living with diverse forms of disabilities. The aim of the (This)Ability Club is to create inclusive space for learning including not only disabled citizens but also their teachers, parents, and peers.

The Club will provide fieldwork and partner with organisations and Centers who already work with these communities. All activities in the Club are voluntarily and we are encouraging more people to join in co-creating a new type of learning experience together with us.

THISAbility Club will :

  • Establish partnerships with organisations and Centers where we can introduce new, engaging and inclusive learning opportunities
  • Implement workshops and educational training sessions
  • Celebrate holidays, birthdays, end of school year events with our partner organisations’ members
  • Create social programs for the members of our partner organisations including dancing, singing, board games, storytelling (social programs are organised with consideration with the target group and types of disabilities the grops live with)
  • Meet parents, teachers, and staff at out partner orgnisations
  • Implement awareness-raising campaigns
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