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Stand Together In Solidarity

Stand Together In Solidarity

In October of 2019, two participants from Ekvalis went on a study visit “Stand Together In
Solidarity” to Durres, Albania with the goal to expand their knowledge about Erasmus+ and
EVS/ESC's. Attending the study visit were participants from 10 countries (Albania, North
Macedonia, Bulgaria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Romania and Greece).
The study visit lasted around 6 days and within those days there were lots of activities and
practices that helped to learn more about the aforementioned topic. There were also visits
to some of the NGO’s in surrounding cities like Tirana, Berat and Fier, lots of energizers and
activities, chances to get to know people of a different culture, and of course lots of
exercises about EVS/ESC's. After the study visit in October ended, the follow up was
contact making seminar in Italy where one of Ekvalis' team members attended.

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