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Positive Eco Change Leaders

Positive Eco Change Leaders

In the period of July 8th to July 16th, EKVALIS had 6 young adults travel to Kudowa-Zdroj, Poland to
represent North Macedonia in the topic of zero waste, global warming and ecology. 5 different countries
participated in this project (North Macedonia, Italy, Lithuania, Croatia and Poland), bringing the total of
participants to around 30 people. During the entire youth exchange the participants from each countries
had opportunities get to know one another thru team-building exercises, educate themselves on zero
waste practices in each participant country (and in general) and had plenty of discussions about the
topic of ecology. The youth exchange consisted of varying activities like making posters for that day's
topic such as introduction to zero waste, current environmental issues, sharing economy around the
world etc. There were also plenty of discussions as to what the participants from the countries already
do in their local communities. There were also activities more on the physically active side, such as a
nature walk, and a scavenger hunt filled with lots of fun tasks to complete as a team. Of course, there
was also a lot of free time where the participants from each country could hang out with each other and
get to know one another on a more personal basis. Also part of the project were national nights, where
each of the participant countries had to prepare a night to help everyone else learn more about them
and their countries thru fun games and an informative presentation. The North Macedonian team of
participants will soon hold a cleaning action in their home country as part of the project, leaving North
Macedonia a little bit cleaner. This entire youth exchange was supported by Erasmus+ and organized by
Stowarzyszenie Wolnej Herbaty, a Polish NGO.

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