Open Call for Participants | Program: Cultural Transitions

Open Call for Participants | Program: Cultural Transitions

Are you a person who travelled to another culture to work or study? Do you face with challenges or dilemmas about your host country and yourself during your stay abroad? Do you plan to study or work abroad in future? Have you felt the stress, anxiety and panic from being in an unfamiliar place or do you dread about going back home? Do you plan to go abroad to study, work or volunteer and you want to be more prepared to adapt to your new host country?

We invite you to discuss these questions with us in a multicultural and multinational environment. Starting May 26 each Saturday we launch our new program “Cultural Transitions“.


Part 1- Workshops

Workshop 1: Entering unfamiliar cultures | May 26; 12:00-17:00

Workshop 2: Culture shock in new cultures and re-entry shock (reverse culture shock when returning to your home country after longer period abroad)  | June 02; 12:00-17:00

Workshop 3: Cultural diversity in education and at work | June 09; 12:00- 17:00

Workshop 4: Cultural representations in the media | June 16; 12:00- 17:00

On these workshops, we will work with non-formal education methodology and through various simulations, open discussions, case studies and fieldwork exercises.


Part 2- Cultural Conversations

You will be paired with one or two fellow participants from the program and you should have one meeting besides our workshops per week in a location you choose. You can go to museums, cinema, cooking food together or have a picnic. Each week you will have a concrete topic to discuss. Forming of teams and assigning topics will be organised at the end of the first workshop.

The working language of the program is English.

We especially encourage the participation of foreign volunteers, employees in foreign companies and Embassies that operate in Macedonia as well as their spouses or children, foreign students, but also Macedonian residents who have stayed a longer period abroad and/or plan to leave the country for a longer stay abroad.

We expect to have mixed group of internationals and people from Macedonia. Number of places is limited.

Applications are now open and you can register on this link:

The deadline to submit applications is May 15-th at 23:59. The number of participants is limited. Incomplete and late applications are not going to be accepted. 

If you have  questions, you can contact the program coordinator- Angel Dimitrievski at

Partners of the program:

  • Youth Office- Municipality of Center
  • People to People International Skopje-Macedonia

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