Open Call for Participants – KA1 Mobility of Youth Workers „Let’s talk, how we talk about Gender“ in Zakopane, Poland

Open Call for Participants – KA1 Mobility of Youth Workers „Let’s talk, how we talk about Gender“ in Zakopane, Poland

Association for Educational Development EKVALIS is partner in KA1 mobility of youth workers. The course will last 6 days of program 10-17 of May, 2019(where 10th is an arrival day and 17th the departure day) in Zakopane, Poland.

This project envisions to support the trainers and educators who are working with youngsters to be more aware and targeted way in the sphere of gender issues. The genders issues are very lively topics recently, in many universities the gender studies faculties have been opened, many books have been published. European Union countries are even obliged to follow the policy of Gender mainstreaming, aiming the transformation of socio-civic structures in a way to ensure equal treatment for everyone. At the same time, there are many public debates on this topic, because in some environments it is seen as controversial. In Poland, there is even new term “gender ideology”, which is perceived dangerous. We are missing fair debates and regular talk between different groups. This training is the space to explore, discuss and create, we will use applied drama techniques, theatre of the oppressed elements, working on case studies from different countries, media releases and similar.

Project  Aim:

To increase the awareness in the field of gender, gender inequity and stereotypes among youth workers and to equip them with tools and knowledge on facilitating efficient and successful activities for youth tackling these delicate topics.

Criteria for participants:

–      Youth workers, educators, trainers willing to learn or practice new methods and having interest in gender topics.

  • Preferably workers, volunteers or persons associated with the partner organization and actively involved in the youth work (being a formal education teacher also counts!)
  • Aged 18 + (there is no upper age limit; the person must be 17+)
  • Persons who will benefit most from such training and discovering applied drama and theatre of the oppressed elements in the meaning – persons who can use it in professional or voluntary work
  • “Acting skills” are not needed to participate in this training. The methods are base for discussion and facilitating change, they are not focused on performance. We follow Augusto Boal’s assumptions that each human is an actor. The scenes created will be shown just within our training group, however we are looking for the persons ready to genuinely share with the group and open to take part in proposed activities with the respect towards own needs and mind states.
  • Persons who are ready and motivated to create/organize a workshop for youth back to their countries in the period of up to 2 months after the mobility, with the support and in collaboration with the sending organization and mentoring from the coordinators. Workshop should be based on applied drama and/or theatrical methods and tackle gender issues.
  • Person, who reads and responds to e-mails

The project is supported from Erasmus +. All expenses related to accommodation and food are covered by the organizer. And the travel cost are covered up to 275 euros.

Participation fee is 500mkd, members of EKVALIS have a fee of 250 mkd.

Applications are now open and you can register on this link:

The deadline to submit applications is 07.02.2019  at 23:59. Incomplete and late applications are not going to be accepted.

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