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Media Lab

Ekvalis is creating its’ own Media Lab that promotes and exercises the basic principles of media literacy competencies among the members. The Lab will undertake  activities that are related to new approaches in media literacy education:

  • Gaming and game-based learning
  • Vlogging
  • Hackathons and ideathons
  • Movie nights (critical approach, role analysis and transformation)
  • Unmasking “fake news“ (dialogue with journalists, institutions and producers of fake news)
  • Classrooms going digital (teacher oriented activities)

Our Media Lab is open to students (primary, high school and university students), teachers, parents and youth workers.

Ekvalis is member of the Media Literacy Network of the Republic of Macedonia. The Network is created in order to facilitate the communication and consultation between different entities in the country working on raising the level of media literacy of all citizens. It should contribute to more frequent cooperation between the relevant factors and for better and more sustainable results from the projects. For more information, visit

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