As one of the strategic areas that Ekvalis works on is media literacy and media education. Within this strategic approach Ekvalis aims to approach several targets:

  •   Implement programs, educational trainings, exchanges, hackathons or public awareness campaigns that will increase the levels of media literacy among young people, media professionals, teachers or youth workers
  • Equip young people with skills on how to use emerging media platforms among them in order to speak up for topics that are in their interest and especially related youth activism and  gender and LGBTQ+ equality
  • Partner with NGOs and media as a basis for implementing high quality programs based on experiences from professional and cases from the practice

Part of the activities Ekvalis undertook for building media literate youth are:

  • Youth program on online activism, deconstructing fake news, fact checking information and applying interactive media production tools 
  • Media awareness raising campaign Portrayal of Mothers on Disabled Children
  •    Creation of newspaper on gender and LGBTQ+ equality Rodnakvost fully created and promoted by youth aged 15-18


Ekvalis has established cooperation with PINA. The Platform for Investigative Journalism and Analyzes – PINA is an organization formed by young journalists, enthusiasts and professionals who advocate the promotion and strengthening of investigative journalism and professionalism in the media environment in Macedonia. In addition, PINA is committed to improving and improving the situation of women journalists in media. Ekvalis cooperated with PINA in the youth program on online activism in which PINA was the partner organisation for providing training and mentoring to young people for producing mobile journalism videos.  


Ekvalis is a member of the Media Litearcy Network of Republic of North Macedonia. The Media Literacy Network is created in order to facilitate the communication and consultation between different entities in the country working on raising the level of media literacy of all citizens. It should contribute to more frequent cooperation between the relevant factors and for better and more sustainable results from the projects.

„My participation on the program for online activism was unique. Especially in the times of global COVID-19 pandemic when it was so important to keep up the individual and collective forces in all fields but also in activism activities. This was a process for me thorugh which I gained new skills and knowledge, but also had interesting social opportunities.“ 
Georgina Petreska