Ekvalis strives to achieve and promote gender and LGBTQ+ equality in many ways including:

  • Prevention and decrease of gender-based stereotypes, sexism, gender and LGBTQ+ stigma through the annual educational program “What’s Gender Got to Do With It?“
  • Informing young people on the negative influences on gender-based violence and what are the mechanisms to report
  • Empowering participation of women from rural areas, women from ethnic minorities, transgender women or women from sexual minorities to participate in youth educational activities
  • Empower participation of LGBTQ+ community members to take leading roles in the organization and to perceive Ekvalis as safe and inclusive space
  • Partner with NGOs who work in the field of women empowerment, gender equality, inclusion of women from marginalized backgrounds and organisations working in the field of promoting LGBTQ+ rights


As part of the efforts of advancing the LGBTQ+ right in North Macedonia, young people from Ekvalis have been addressing several issues related to the negative treatment of this community and especially regarding issues related to negative portraying of the LGBTQ+ community in school textbooks, lack of psychological support of LGBTQ+ students in schools, negative or lack of representation of the LGBTQ+ community in media or the insufficient response of the MPs for the revoking of the Law for Protection of Discrimination. Similar to Amnesty’s International campaign “Write for Rights“ young volunteers from Ekvalis have addressed these issues and sent letters of concern to institutions, people of power, Ministers or school principals to bring those issues and make them visible in front of the institutions.