About us

Association for Educational Development Ekvalis was founded in 2017 as an initiative of several civic activists. Ekvalis is non-profit organistion with activities being implemented in all territories of the country.  Throughout the years, Ekvalis has engaged numerous young people, civic activists, youth workers and educators, teachers, professors, school administration, the Union of High School Students, civic sector and institution representatives in facilitating enabling environment where each individual (and especially those who are marginalized) can freely express and live. In our activities, the participants are included in educational activities where they get familiar with their fundamental human rights (with special focus on gender and sexual orientation), the principles of building democratic societies, peace building and media literacy. As a result of our activities there were numerous interventions in the Macedonian society that triggered significant public response.

Our mission

The mission of the Association for Educational Development Ekvalis is to involve the citizens in the processes of social change through the cycle of education, critical approach, analysis and taking action. Association for Educational Development Ekvalis will initiate interpersonal cooperation between citizens in spite of any barriers related to ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, social background or condition of ability.

Our vision

The vision of the Association for Educational Development Ekvalis is to build a community where citizens will be educated, and will question and change the social processes for personal and collective well-being.

Annual report 2022

Read our latest Annual Report and get more informed around our local, national and international work. In 2022, Ekvalis implemented several different programs and projects, strengthened partnership and network activities and implemented public local interventions. In the Annual Report you can find a comprehensive overview of 2022 finances of the organisation.

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Strategic areas

As part of our organisational strategy (2020-2025), Ekvalis focuses on 3 strategic areas which have their own autonomous component in the programmatic work of the organisation, but often times they are intertwined:

Youth activism Learn more
Gender & LGBTIQ+ equality Learn more
Media literacy Learn more