Ekvalis cares for our environment

Ekvalis cares for our environment

Ekvalis as NGO aims to promote environmental approach in how we lead our activities and overal in the organisation.

Our staff use bike or public transport which is illustrated in our environmental friendly budgets. We will usually not support costs for car usage by us or our partners. Furthermore, we do take part in all forms of protest that support environmental friendly transportation and that lobby for changes of infrastructure in Skopje.

Any food leftovers at our workshops or trainings are given to our participants to take home or to street dogs in order to avoid food waste. 

Paper is re-used in many cases in our organisation when possible. We aim to use the means of digital technology whenever possible instead of using paper.

Ekvalis also promotes education for environmental protection. This summer, 6 young people will attend a youth exchange in Poland named “Positive Eco Change Leaders“ which we hope to empower young people to care about our environment and demonstrated the knowledge learned in our community.

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