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Ekvalis at D-Festival in Dojran

Ekvalis at D-Festival in Dojran

We are back from D-Festival, the biggest youth festival in North Macedonia. We spent 4 amazing days in Dojran with a youth group the implemented the educational activity “Compass of Human Rights“, a treasure hunt inside the festival camping area. We had people participating from all over the country in our activity.

The “Compass of Human Rights” was an interactive treasure hunt that included movement around the camp, reading a compass, sharing thoughts, knowledge and education related to human rights. Apart from the entertainment that the participants had during the activity, the educational aspect was also present with the promotion of human rights in order to introduce the participants and to easily understand them. Human rights were the main guide in the activity as it is necessary to talk about human rights, but also talk about the the obligations that come with them. We had 5 teams with young people coming from different cities in the country who searched for the tasks around the camp related to human rights. The winning team was the team “Ruter“ who won the prize.

D-Festival was also an opportunity for our volunteers to get more closer, to network with other NGOs and of course to have fun!


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