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Annual Report 2019- Ekvalis

Association for Educational Development EKVALIS through the 2019 Annual Report highlights: Educational programs Trainings and workshops Membership and public actions Networking, international affiliations and partnership activities in 2019 At the end of the report, we have made a provisional engagement in numbers and we are proud to announce than in…

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CMS Stand Together in Solidarity

In December of 2019, a youth worker from Ekvalis went on a contact making seminar “Stand Together In Solidarity” to Rocca Monfina , Italy with the goal to expand partnerships with in Erasmus+. Attending the CMS were 30 participants from 14 different countries (Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Belgium, The Netherlands,…

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Stand Together In Solidarity

In October of 2019, two participants from Ekvalis went on a study visit “Stand Together In Solidarity” to Durres, Albania with the goal to expand their knowledge about Erasmus+ and EVS/ESC's. Attending the study visit were participants from 10 countries (Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, Italy,…

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Positive Eco Change Leaders

In the period of July 8th to July 16th, EKVALIS had 6 young adults travel to Kudowa-Zdroj, Poland to represent North Macedonia in the topic of zero waste, global warming and ecology. 5 different countries participated in this project (North Macedonia, Italy, Lithuania, Croatia and Poland), bringing the total of…

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