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Call for participants: “Education, ethnocentrism and segregation” – meeting of experts in peace education

Association for Educational Development  Ekvalis and forumZFD office in Macedonia are opening a call for participants at the  “Education, ethnocentrism and segregation” – meeting of experts in peace education The aim of the meeting: is to gather 20  experts in peace education and  discuss: how peace education is implemented in…

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Отворен повик за учесници | Тренинг „Врснички едукатори за мировно образование““

Здружението за едукативен развој „Еквалис“ отвора повик за учесници на 7 дневниот тренинг „Врснички едукатори за мировно обраозвание“ којшто ќе се одржи од 07 до 13 октомври во Хотел Кратис, Кратово. Тренингот „Врснички едукатори за мировно образование“ целосно ќе опреми 16 средношколци од територијата на град Скопје да се вклучат…

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Ekvalis at D-Festival in Dojran

We are back from D-Festival, the biggest youth festival in North Macedonia. We spent 4 amazing days in Dojran with a youth group the implemented the educational activity “Compass of Human Rights“, a treasure hunt inside the festival camping area. We had people participating from all over the country in…

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Ekvalis cares for our environment

Ekvalis as NGO aims to promote environmental approach in how we lead our activities and overal in the organisation. Our staff use bike or public transport which is illustrated in our environmental friendly budgets. We will usually not support costs for car usage by us or our partners. Furthermore, we…

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