Annual Report 2020

Annual Report 2020

Association for Educational Development EKVALIS through the 2020 Annual Report highlights:

  • Educational programs
  • Workshops & Youth Engagement
  • Campaigns and public actions
  • Direct youth work and informal learning
  • Networking and partnership
  • Publications
  • Contribution to Educational Reforms

Throughout the past year, Ekvalis has been determined to keep up with the work with youth, no matter what means it had to take as 2020 was an enormous challenge for the young people.

At the end of this report, Ekvalis has made a provisional engagement in numbers and can proudly announce than in 2020 Ekvalis through its activities engaged around 3500 people of which around 680 direct beneficiaries and 2832 indirect beneficiaries.

The report also includes inflow and outflow financial report of the organization.

EKVALIS expresses gratitude to all donors, supporters, experts, institutions, commercial partners, media and most of all volunteers and activist who have made 2020 a successful year.

This was a very significant year for Ekvalis, as the organization started officially operation with a youth space in the central area of Skopje and later in the year it begun working on national level, involving youth from more than 20 towns from all around the country in its activities.

Download the report here. Annual-Report-2020