Annual Report 2019- Ekvalis

Annual Report 2019- Ekvalis

Association for Educational Development EKVALIS through the 2019 Annual Report highlights:

  • Educational programs
  • Trainings and workshops
  • Membership and public actions
  • Networking, international affiliations and partnership activities in 2019

At the end of the report, we have made a provisional engagement in numbers and we are proud to announce than in 2019 Ekvalis through its activities engaged around 3000 people of which 418 direct beneficiaries and 2582 indirect beneficiaries.The report also includes inflow and outflow financial report of the organisation and funding reported from grants, membership and exchange fees. EKVALIS expresses gratitude to all donors, supporters, experts, institutions, commercial partners, media and most of all volunteers and activist who have made 2019 a successful year.

You can download the full report on the f0llowing link. ANNUAL REPORT 2019 (1)

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